Membership Packages

Click "Select" to select a package, and view the membership plans available. You can change your selection later, if you wish.

Kidz Monthly membership (6-12yrs)

In order to purchase the kidz membership, your child must be added to your account. The parent/Guardian MUST create an account first. PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILDS FULL NAME so we can add them to your family account.
With this membership your child can attend the Tuesday 4.30pm Strength and conditioning and Wednesday 4.30pm HIIT box sessions as well as OPEN gym sessions. During the open gym sessions they will need to attend with an adult who will supervise them. Parent/Guardian must be a member in order for member kidz price to be applied.

Unlimited Infrared Sauna

Unlimited infrared sauna monthly. 30 minutes each session.

Unlimited Large group classes Trial Month Trial

1 month large group membership trial. One off payment. This trial includes all large group sessions excluding Hyrox and GPT. You can pay an extra £5 per class as a member to do the Hyrox sessions.
Large group sessions include : Box360, Burn360, Lift360, Pick A Mix, Totally Shredded, Pilates, Pilates Fusion, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Body sculpt, k08 & Bells, Band power, Ride, Ride and strength, Pulse, HIIT Step.